The North Wales Bluegrass Festival - Conwy

Great Festival Friends; The People, Personalities & Performers for 28 years


At a recent meeting with Conwy County Borough Council we were notified that the usual fiscal and practical support would no longer be available for the 2017 Festival.
After a lot of discussions, the decision has been made not to proceed with the 29th North Wales Bluegrass Festival in 2017.

Since losing the use of the Civic Hall after it closed in 2014, we have incurred large cost increases, in the supply and positioning of the large marquee on the tennis court, the removal and replacement of the tennis court fences, extra electrical provision etc. etc.
Added to this, Conwy County Borough Council have now closed and will be demolishing the school building in the corner of the park, where we held the workshops.
That area of the park will be a construction site during 2017, begining this spring, with implications that will restrict camping.
This would mean providing alternative accomodation for the workshops, again an extra expense.
We have also experienced a gradual decline in the number of ticket sales over the past few years.

We would like to thank all our loyal friends who have supported us throughout the past 28 years, and we will be constantly reviewing the options to possibly organise a North Wales Bluegrass Festival in 2018.

2016 lineup included:

Hosts Highly Strung YouTube link

Goodwill    YouTube link    YouTube link

Biggin Hillbillies    YouTube link    YouTube link

Brian Golbey    YouTube link    YouTube link

Britannia Band    YouTube link    YouTube link

Chris Moreton    YouTube link    YouTube link

Conwy Mountain Band    YouTube link

Down County Boys    YouTube link    YouTube link

The Dude Coopers    YouTube link    YouTube link

The Grove Band  

Mairs Family Band    YouTube link    YouTube link

Shake the Roots    YouTube link    YouTube link

The Slowdown Boys    YouTube link

The Daddy Naggins    YouTube link    YouTube link

Dance Groups:

Raise the Dust - Mind the Step